Jernbanelift RP Rail ART 17 TH

Workingspecification. From 0 mm to 120 mm cant, with the telescopic arm fully extended, the maximum reach limit is 8.65m, From above 120 mm to 180 mm cant the telescopic arm is blocked and the maximum reach is limited to 6.35 m. Working Over the Side over the fixed axle end only with a turret rotation of up to 90° maximum reach is limited to 6.35 m.


 Features: The 400 kg base unit will be equipped with an OEM manufactured rail chassis, which consists of:

✓ Hydrostatic 4 wheel drive ü Wheel diameter 500 mm, ü Track width 1.435 mm

✓ Back pendel of 7 degrees,

✓ Double safety system lay out,

✓ 3D in house design, The complete unit AP RT 17 T/TH will be tested and approved by an independent Notified body according the latest homologation standards of:

✓ EC directive2006/42& EN280

✓ Stability andstrength calculations

 ✓ Norwegian Standards

Arbeidshøyde Mer informasjon Arbeidshøyde: Høyde på plattformen + 2 meter. 16,25 m
Rekkevidde 8,95 m
Opp og over 7 m
Arbeidskurv 0,93 x 2,30 m
Bredde2,3 m
Lengde6,93 m
Høyde2,37 m
Løftekapasitet400 kg
Egenvekt12400 kg
Jernbanelift RP Rail ART 17 TH
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